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With thousands of inventory items to track, busy manufacturers and distributors can easily lose sight of inventory and cash flow. Growing businesses simply can’t manage sales order processing and fulfillment for high volumes of quick-moving inventory using spreadsheets and manual means.

Gain greater control and insight over inventory by deploying an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution tailored for manufacturing and distribution.

Simplify Inventory Optimization With the Right ERP Solution

Accurate inventory records are essential to maintaining the right items, in the right quantities, for demanding customers. Taking physical counts and updating spreadsheet after spreadsheet isn’t an efficient use of time and it certainly isn’t effective. Stock-outs lead to backorders which lead to unhappy customers. Overstocking isn’t the right strategy either. Maintaining too much inventory eats up cash flow and could leave you with unsellable items, especially detrimental to the food and beverage industry tasked with managing perishable inventory.

Improve Inventory Management and Customer Service with SAP Business One

Gain control and insight over inventory with the support of SAP Business One. This integrated solution offers an efficient way to manage the supply chain and inventory operations, in addition to financial processes, manufacturing and distribution activities, and other core business processes. SAP Business One can be also be used for larger enterprises with multiple warehouses or distribution centers. You can electronically track items as they come and go out of the warehouse and maintain reliable inventory records for each location in real-time. With this visibility, you can shift inventory between warehouses and avoid purchasing more inventory when you already have those items sitting on the shelves. Streamline sales order processing and support the procurement team when identifying fast-moving, popular inventory from items that may be trending obsolete. More accurate and timely order fulfillment will keep customers happy, generating long-term loyalty.

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of items to manage, from one facility or several, don’t let inventory control you by consuming valuable resources, time and cash. Achieve inventory optimization by replacing inefficient processes with a modern business management solution like SAP Business One. Contact N’ware Technologies to learn more about this and other technologies that can improve inventory management operations and other core business processes.

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