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COVID-19 Protocols & Business Continuity through SAP Business One

Dublin, Ireland July 2020 – As we are all adjusting to the new realities that COVID-19 has brought to us, significant changes have prompted the way we behave as people and operate as businesses. Work from home policies, travel restrictions, social distancing, sanitization requirements – these examples of how we used to execute processes in the workplace have been completely turned on its head. At N’ware, we also have adjusted our work practices based on guidelines and have set the necessary IT infrastructure and tools in place to ensure that we can continue to deliver and maintain high levels of service to you, our valued SAP Business One Clients.

We have also challenged ourselves with how SAP Business One could potentially be leveraged to assist SAP B1 Clients with their COVID-19 compliance or guidelines. With the key objectives of employee safety and business continuity in mind, we have compiled a list of protocols and features to detail how SAP Business One and N’ware can assist you to navigate this new reality.

Without going too deep into the details, below is an overview of the main areas where SAP Business One software can support your small or mid-sized enterprise:

A. People Management and Employee Safety

  1. Employee details recording and tracking
  2. Training process and documentation
  3. Incident of employee infection
  4. Sanitization of common areas
  5. Sanitization as part of the production/manufacturing process

B. Business Continuity – Mobile/Remote Access to SAP Business One ERP

C. Customer Management (CRM) and Supplier Management

  1. Build-up and mitigate stock shortages
  2. Alternate suppliers and alternate pricing
  3. Updates to product catalogs/pricing
  4. Customer/Supplier communication
  5. Adding of additional data to document layouts
  6. Returns management
  7. Field service operations

D. Accounting and Financial Management System

  1. Leveraging cost centers and project management for COVID-19
  2. Analyze customer debt risk

This document is focused on features and functions already available in SAP Business One within the reach of the SAP community in Ireland and around the world. For further detail on deploying these functions within your SAP Business One system, or enquire about any other add-ons, please reach out to our team via our contact form below.

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Additionnaly, there are many additional SAP add-ons and integrations that could be useful for many clients such as business intelligence (BI), ERP/e-commerce integration, warehouse management systems, and shop-floor data collection.

To discover ideas on how manufacturing companies and wholesale distributors can leverage SAP B1 add-ons to enforce safety protocols, keep on reading here: SOCIAL DISTANCING IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN WITH LISA WMS AND PDC-ONE

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