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EBR Inc., a specialist in the development and manufacturing of food processing equipment, was looking for a 100% integrated system, to simplify data management and streamline its business processes. EBR had been running two different systems which caused duplicated manual entries and a lack of reliability during data transfer.

EBR went through a comprehensive ERP selection process to evaluate potential candidates. SAP Business One was, for EBR, the most complete solution to suit their needs, and N’ware Technologies was the ideal partner to help them throughout the implementation process and to support the company’s future growth.

Solutions Highlights

  • Fully integrated business management solution
  • Effective large-scale projects management
  • Easily extended functionalities to meet evolving needs
  • Increased control of production flows

EBR doubles its revenues with SAP Business One and N’ware Technologies

“SAP Business One allowed us [EBR] to double our revenues and enabled us to control production flows, which made us take a giant step forward. SAP Business One is THE system.”

About ERB Inc.

EBR Inc, a Quebec-based company, offers the technology and expertise to optimize your production. The company offers a range of durable equipment and machinery to process whatever food you produce – dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beers, pastries and more.

For more information about ERB Inc. visit their website here:

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