Extended Business Member Program

Going the Distance… Together

Team up with N’ware Technologies and grow your business.

N’ware Technologies, one of the most successful North American channel partners, has achieved SAP Master VAR status (Value Added Reseller) allowing us to recruit Extended Business Members.

The Extended Business Member Program is ideal for partners who have similar sales or implementation capabilities without complying with all the requirements to becoming an SAP channel partner.

Grow your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Get In

Get Leads

Get Money

No Fees to join, Everything to Gain:

  • Drive your profitability by extending your current offerings to include SAP solutions;
  • Gain market visibility by distinguishing yourself from your competition by carrying the SAP Logo;
  • Leverage your sales, development, or implementation skills;
  • Low investment on your part – No financial investment!
  • We invest our time, our knowledge and much more in your business;
  • We promote your offerings and services, making it a win-win relationship;
  • We offer tailored partnerships – you choose your level of involvement;

Questions & Answers

Who can apply?

This Program enables us to establish a partnership with companies who service small & medium size enterprises. Our ideal type of partners are companies that offer various types of IT services, consultation services, hosted services, and/or sale of business software and hardware to a wholesale, distribution & warehousing, retail and/or light manufacturing customer base.

What is my role exactly?

Your role as Extended Business Member is to offer to your existing customer base and new potential leads, the SAP Business One application and our services. Through this offering, you will be able to grow substantially your own business by getting traction for your own services. It is a shared profit business proposition with our continuous support, development and implementation experience. WE go through the sales cycle with you, we take care of the services and we share the profits with you.

Do I have to do implementation, demos?

We take care of the services including the development and the implementation. As for the demos that are required through the sales cycle, it will be our pleasure to do them with you/for you.

What do I have to invest?

There are no direct cost associated with this partnership. We will actually invest in your business to help you with this venture. Not only will we help you get familiarized with SAP Business One, but we will invest real marketing dollars in your company to help you get started.

What are the advantages?

Through this program, you would basically become an official member of the SAP community, advertise your company as such, and be able to add the SAP Extended Business Member logo on your business cards. Training is done online and free of charge with certifications. There are no fees to be part of this partnership – we actually invest in your business. It’s a great way to get exposure for your own offerings and grow your business.

Are there limited territories?

No. You may extend the offering to all states/provinces.


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