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Whoever said SAP Business One is…

You probably heard that SAP Business One is only for big companies, it is too complex and/or too difficult to implement. Think again!

Busting the myths

Only for Big Companies

Designed to be affordable for small businesses SAP Business One has a low total cost of ownership and is one comprehensive application to cover all your departments’ needs from one solution.

Too Complex

We packed a lot in yes but SAP Business One is also modular and flexible with over 500 add-on solutions, tailored to industries or special functions. And with an established network of over 700 SAP Business One partners to support you wherever you are in the world.

Too difficult to Implement

Quick and easy to implement – get you up and running in days or weeks 0ver 60.000 SAP Business One customers, implemented in over 150 countries, in 27 languages and 43 localized versions.

SAP Business One - Myths vs Facts

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