SAP Business One Connector for Third-Party Applications & Machines

N’Tegrate is an easy-to-use yet powerful integration platform that connects SAP Business One to a wide range of third-party applications, industrial machines and data sources. Our flexible SAP Business One connector allows non-technical users to enable bi-directional communication between their ERP and external systems (i.e. e-commerce platforms, EDI partners, CRM applications, machines, etc.).

Extend SAP Business One’s reach by connecting external business applications to eliminate manual, error prone tasks, accelerate your order-to-cash cycle, increase customer satisfaction and boost the value of your ERP software.

N’Tegrate provides SAP Business One Clients the ability to automate bi-directional data exchange between their ERP software and external sources by using standard communications protocols through integration scenario and data mapping. From simply exporting transactional data in .CSV format, to gathering information from a third-party web application, N’Tegrate will enable data communication with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One Integration Benefits

  • Simplify integration with third-party applications
  • Eliminate manual data entry & avoid costly mistakes
  • Accelerate data processing, thus customer service & satisfaction
  • User-friendly platform designed for non-technical users
  • Cost-effective, flexible, and scalable platform

N’Tegrate Features & Capabilities

• Bi-directional integration through CSV files import & export
• Manage documents on FTP/SFTP servers
• Trigger e-mail notifications for process failure or success
• Integration with SQL and HANA databases
• Compatible with most communications protocols

Easily Interface SAP Business One with External Systems and Industrial Machines

N’Tegrate is a robust suite of transactional services, enabling process and scenario-based automation by interfacing existing organizational systems. Our simple SAP Business One connector offers a scalable, cost-effective automation solution for organizations, ranging from the small-to-medium business to the large enterprise.

Designed with the end-user in mind, individuals with minimal technical knowledge may navigate the scenario builder process to begin communicating data between a source and a target system. Our turnkey end-user tools help you build powerful automation scenarios without devoting resources to program everything yourself

What Makes Our SAP Business One Connector So Powerful?

Streamline & Automate Complex Business Processes

N’Tegrate’s extensible process modeling capabilities enable the automation of complex, error-proned, manual tasks by interfacing existing organizational systems. It also provides a common automation framework across the entire information chain in real-time.

User-frienldy App & Out-of-the-Box Scenarios

 SAP Users with minimal technical knowledge may navigate the scenario builder process to begin communicating data between a source and a target system. Our robust integration platform for SAP Business One empowers small companies into building their own automation scenarios without utilizing additional technical resources.

A Cost-Effective Solution to Maximize ERP Value

N’Tegrate provides a scalable, cost-effective automation solution to synchronize data between SAP and external sources, to increase teams productivity, eliminate costly errors caused by manual data-entry,  and drive overall profitability. Connecting SAP Business One to external applications is key to achieving it’s full potential and to maximizing software value.

Common SAP Business One Integration Scenarios

SAP B1 + E-commerce Integration


SAP B1 + Marketplaces Integration

Ebay e-commerce integration

SAP Business One Machines Integration

SAP Business One Logistics & Shipping Integration

SAP Business One EDI Integration

SAP Business One CRM Integration

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