PDC-One: The easiest solution to leverage your
SAP Business One Production Module

PDC-One is a simple application designed to track manufacturing data against SAP Business One’s production module. By tracking production floor activities, PDC-One empowers operators to easily record their time, enter job status and material requirements against SAP’s production orders. Furthermore, PDC-One provides useful and accurate information in real-time to SAP Business One, providing better reports and improved decision-making.

Fast to implement and easy to use, it’s an incredibly efficient tool to improve visibility and data accuracy over a short period of time. Developed on web browser technology, PDC-One runs on almost any device for minimal disruption of your manufacturing activities.

PDC-One - One Screens

PDC-One Helps you:

    • Capture production data in real-time with bar code scanners or tactile devices;
    • Move fast with a very simple implementation process & a user-friendly interface;
    • Accurately track your production orders details & actuals;
    • Reduce paperwork, timesheets & manual data entry
    • Get the most out of SAP Business One Production Module

PDC-One Features

PDC-One is a simple add-on featuring a range of straight forward functionalities designed to be implemented quickly, with minimal disruption of your production activities and without the complexity of implementing a complete manufacturing add-on.

    • Operators time entry & material consumption
    • Triggers for all standard transactions of SAP production orders, including production records, material issuing & backflushing, with stage & resource tracking
    • Serial number, batch & lot management
    • Bar code/badge scanning function
    • Integrated & visually compelling dashboards with multiple sorting possibilities
    • Browser-based & responsive application compatible with almost any device

PDC-One Dashboards & Views

Production orders tracking at a glance

pdc-one production orders status dashboard

Time details reports

pdc-one production time details tracking

Production orders tracking at a glance

pdc-one material consumption recording

Looking for more information?

Let’s talk about your business challenges and how we can help you connect the dots between the shop floor and your ERP software. Our experts will be more than happy to answer your questions and plan a product demonstration with you. Download PDC-One’ brochure or contact us!!

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