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Welcome to the « N’ware Everywhere! » Referral Program!

N’ware Referral Program allows our partners, our clients and their employees to refer companies that they believe could benefit from SAP Business Solutions and our services.
Making you money in 3 steps.

Making you money in 3 steps

Submit your reference and

receive a gift card

N’ware reviews your reference and if qualified,

you receive an additional gift card.

If we close a sale, get more!

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Questions & Answers

Who can apply?

This program is open to all of our existing clients and their employees as well as companies (and their employees) who have enterprises that could benefit from SAP Business One and our services.

What is my role exactly?

Your role as a Referral Partner is to refer us businesses that could benefit from SAP Business One and our services. We will take care of following up with your reference, closing the deal, servicing and implementing.

Do I have to do an implementation or demos?

No. We take care of everything, from the moment you provide us a reference to closing of the sale to the implementation. With this said, you can choose to be involved in the sales cycle by being involved in the communications with your reference.

What do I have to invest?

There is no investment involved. On the contrary, this Program enables you to gain earnings simply by referring to us enterprises that you believe could benefit from our services and the SAP Business One solution.

What are the advantages?

The main advantage of this Program is that you and your employees can gain financial advantages each time you provide us with a reference without any further involvement required.

How will I know if my referral is accepted, qualified and signed?

N’ware will communicate back with you on the status of your reference.

Who can be referred?

Companies that have expressed the need for a new software solution to replace their current applications;

  • Have not yet implemented a business software;
  • Are aware that their current solution does not meet their needs; or
  • Have merged and need a unified business software system
What is considered a Qualified Reference?

Companies that have confirmed that they are in the selection process to start within 2 months. Companies that are searching for a new system. Companies that are in the right type of industry. Companies that have a budget in line with the product offering.


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