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Large organizations often work closely with many small businesses. The intricate relationship between businesses is important on both sides of the table, as each buyer and seller has customers to satisfy and profit margins to protect.
Adding pressure to the situation, businesses are working in a digital era with high-volume movement and customers who expect instant response and overnight deliveries. Protect and strengthen these business relationships by integrating SAP Business One with SAP Ariba.

Four Benefits of Implementing SAP Business One for Ariba

Similar to Amazon and eBay, Ariba is a platform that provides buyers with a user-friendly interface and time-saving automation. Sellers can upload catalogs, offering buyers a simple way to search for a supplier or product, negotiate terms, and procure items they need quickly and efficiently. Sellers can also manage bids, prepare requests for quotes or proposals, and monitor these services within the Ariba platform.

Integrating SAP Business One and SAP Ariba offers four powerful benefits:

  1. World-class customer service: Ariba is the largest B2B trading network in the world, used by over 2 million companies worldwide. Prove your dedication to your customers by adapting to their systems and processes, maximizing customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  2. Time-saving automation: Duplicating entries between multiple systems take time and there is a risk of mistakes or lost data. Integrating SAP Business One and Ariba eliminates redundant processes and ensures you have one, reliable version of the truth when making strategic business decisions.
  3. Efficient sales order and delivery system: Upon receipt of an order in Ariba, products are automatically allocated to a customer account when stock is available. If stock isn’t available, a distributor will automatically be notified to order more, or manufacturers will enter the request in the production schedule. Warehouse Management System (WMS) features for SAP Business One enable barcoding to verify shipments against POs, preventing costly delivery errors.
  4. Improved productivity and business intelligence: Managers with end-to-end business integration have access to real-time data, which is needed for analytics and reporting. With full operational visibility and control, leaders are able to strengthen business operations, provide superior customer service, boost sales and improve profit margins.

Businesses competing in today’s fast-paced marketplace need the innovative, modern technology to support speedy, high-volume operations. Strengthen connections with customers and streamline sales, orders and customer service activities with greater efficiency by integrating SAP Business One with SAP Ariba.

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