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Busy manufacturers and distributors are challenged by a fast-paced marketplace, demanding customers, and shrinking profit margins. In order to remain competitive, successful companies rely on the support of modern technology. Today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions offer greater efficiency and control than disparate, specialty software.

Whether you process dozens, hundreds, or tens of thousands of orders each day, the right ERP solution can streamline operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

Reliable data is critical

Quick access to reliable data is critical for businesses in order to respond quickly to marketplace changes and customer demands. Specialty software, spreadsheets, and paper-based processes separates data, making it harder to access. In addition, as data is shared between departments, there is a risk for errors and additional delays. If you can’t be confident in your data, you can’t be confident when making strategic business decisions. Replace outdated systems with a modern ERP solution and leverage your data to your competitive advantage.

Integrated ERP solution

An integrated ERP solution, such as SAP® Business One, offers greater control and visibility throughout your entire business. You can manage accounting and financial processes, track inventory and the supply chain, manage sales and customer service, perform materials planning features, and monitor other core business processes with greater efficiency. SAP also offers time-saving features that automate many common processes. For example, you can streamline the order-to-invoice process and reduce the amount of time that is traditionally spent on invoicing. The faster you get invoices out, the faster you get paid.

Powerful Reporting Features

SAP offers powerful reporting features and easy-to-follow dashboards that you can use to monitor data and respond faster to changing conditions. With quick access to accurate data, you can monitor key metrics and identify trending data. Connect customer and product trends and take a proactive stance when calculating ideal inventory levels. Materials planning features can reduce inventory costs and the inventory tracking features can support efforts to reduce stock-outs without overstocking the warehouse.

Manual processes are inefficient and prone to errors. Replace inefficient software with more modern technology. Contact N’ware Technologies to learn how manufacturers and distributors can access the data that is needed to improve productivity, profitability, and drive successful growth with the support of SAP.

By N’ware Technologies, an SAP Business One Partner serving businesses in Ireland, the UK & across the globe.

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