Wholesale Distribution

The wholesale distribution industry has become more competitive than ever. Customer expectations, new cross-industry competitors, and disruptive technologies are driving major shifts across all lines of trade. Wholesale distributors must innovate and reinvent the way they do business, while ensuring lean operations and a streamlined supply chain.

Optimize Your Warehouse Operations and Accelerate Your Business Growth

Streamline Your Inbound and Outbound Supply Chain

To stay ahead of the competition and drive profitable growth, your business needs to streamline its entire supply chain, maintain a high level of customer service, and gain greater insight into strategic data to make better decisions based on real-time, accurate information. With SAP Business One, combined with our warehouse management expertise, you can successfully respond to the wholesale distribution industry challenges and focus your team on creating new growth opportunities.

Main Challenges:

  • Stock level inaccuracy causing more backorders, returns, and other costly errors
  • Poor operational efficiency due to manual operations and a lack of integration
  • Unclear profit margins caused by an inaccurate cost of sales and stocks
  • Unreliable reports from multiple, disconnected sources (legacy ERP, stand-alone CRM, Excel, etc.)
  • Maintain real-time stock figures across all distribution channels
  • Obsolete inventory and surplus

Solutions to Your Challenges

Process orders 9 times faster with the implementation of a barcoding system.

Reduce your stock levels by more than 20% with an optimized supply chain strategy.

Increase your stock accuracy by more than 60% with real-time visibility.

Reach 99% order fulfilment accuracy and greatly increase your customers’ satisfaction.

Inventory Mangement

  • Optimize your inventory level to reduce carrying cost and increase your cashflows
  • Automate forecasting and replenishment planning to meet demand during any season
  • Dynamically monitor stock levels and make better decisions with automated inventory alerts
  • Connect your inventory to your other departments through a fully integrated ERP system to create even more synergies

Integrated Accounting and Financial Operations

  • Automatically handle all key accounting processes: journal entries, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.
  • Make smarter decisions faster with customer financial reports available in real-time
  • Take advantage of powerful analytics and meaningful dashboards to monitor your business’ performance
  • Record in real-time goods received and issues
  • Access mobile-customized reports and dashboards from anywhere at any time

Sales and Customer Relationships Management (CRM)

  • Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction with a fully integrated CRM and customer portal
  • Increase your sales with an efficient e-commerce platform
  • Improve your customer service level and reduce errors caused by manual data entry
  • Provide the ultimate tool to your sales force with SAP Business One’s mobile app
  • Standardize customer information across all departments with a unique business management solution

A Comprehensive ERP Solution Tailored to the Wholesale Distribution Industry

  • Fast and affordable implementation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Experienced team of professionals and proven methodology
  • Compliance with the established budget

Benefits our clients observed following the implementation of SAP Business One:

  • Accelerated order processing speed by 15%
    Staub Electronics, electronic devices distribution
  • Streamlined production and order fulfillment to reduce backorders by 95% (from $300,000 to $15,000)
    Troy Laboratories, veterinary pharmaceuticals manufacturing
  • Elimination of order delays due to missing raw materials or missed sales due to shortages
    Golden Road Brewing Co, microbrewery
  • 95% reduction in time managers spend running reports
    Beccaro International / Shonda Roberts, handbags and leather goods distribution
  • Increase online B2B sales by 70% with a fully integrated business management solution
    Odessa Canada, tires wholesale distributor

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